FIDEWÀ, attending to the technological impact social media have in the present, the incorporation of new formats and, with the objective to promote the work of new young filmmakers, releases a new section -being the first time since it was created as the first international webseries festival in the Valencian Community- with the objective of supporting and helping the creation of new webseries. This translates in the creation of the section Webseries In Progress as part of the Festival, a section exclusively dedicated to develop new projects in the webseries area.  


Will be able to take part in the section WEBSERIES IN PROGRESS:

Natural persons over 18 years of age.

Legal Entities who own the right of the submitted webseries: distributors, production companies, film schools…

Both natural persons and legal entities must be Spanish or Spanish residents.

Submissions will be done by the director, the producer or the distributor’s legal representation.

Those persons who participate in the organization of the Festival or otherwise have any relation with the organization or its members are strictly prohibited from participating.


Project Requirements

  • A pilot must be submitted in order to participate. Understanding as a pilot episode, the one that presents the theme, the line of argument, the style and the genre which is intended to expand in the webseries. Also, the characters’ basic characteristics, the main features of the plot and the technical aspects should be clear. This information should allow producers and/or creators for the search of economical support in order to be able to shoot the whole series.
  • Language: All non-Spanish submissions must have Spanish subtitles.
  • Format: The pilot must be available on the web, entrants should upload their series to a video hosting site such as Youtube or Vimeo and provide the organization the corresponding link. In the case of being selected, entrants will be asked to send a copy Full HD, Mov or Avi.
  • Temática: pilots can be live action or animation webseries. Films which contain pornography, scenes which make derogatory or inflammatory statements about individuals or groups of people, depict or promote violent activity, extreme or real-life violence, animal torture or abuse will not be accepted. Those that have an advertising message will also be dismissed, as well as those which are intended to harm someone’s reputation. Submiteer(s) will be responsible for the legal content of their pilot.
  • Projects must be original, all entries must be the intellectual property of the submitter(s) or submitter(s) must have permission for use of all content rights including music contained in their web series. The submitter shall indemnify and hold harmless the Festival from and against any and all claims which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, being the submitter(s) the only responsible.

Entries are done online through the website www.fidewa.es, by filling out the registration form prepared for this purpose.


It is mandatory that every participant registers through the web www.fidewà.es and fill out the registration form providing all the required data. The person or entity responsible for submitting the pilot episodes should inform the Organization about any and all circumstances that occur after the submission which may substantially affect its participation in the FIDEWÀ.

There are no submission fees.

Participation in the FIDEWÀ’s WEBSERIES IN PROGRESS SECTION implies understanding and acceptance of these regulations. The Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize any pilot submitted as well as to use all material submitted (photographs, screenshots, posters, etc.) including name of web series, video clips (trailer, teaser) for promotional and cultural purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the web series hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the pilot for screening for non-profit reasons with no territorial limitations and during the maximum period of time permitted by the current legislation.


Open: August, 1st, 2017 at 08:00
Closure: August, 31st, 2017 at 24:00

Selection process


During this phase a Selection Committee, selected by the organization, will view the pilot episodes and will value the submitted projects in the FIDEWÀ’s WEBSERIES IN PROGRESS Section, they will also make sure the submitted projects fulfill all the requirements. A maximum of five pilots will be selected to participate and compete for this award.



During the second phase, the Jury will select the winners amongst the pilot episodes previously selected by the Selection Committee.

Members of the Jury have been selected by the Festival’s ORGANIZATION and it is composed of prestigious film and webseries personalities.

If, for any reason, the members conforming the Jury change, it will be announced through the Festival’s website.

Both, the Selection Committee’s decision in the first phase, and the Jury’s selection, are final.

The judges reserve the right to declare the prize null and void in the case they believe it is opportune.

We will announce the results of the FIDEWÀ pn our website.



PRIZE of 500 euros in order to help the production of the winning project. By law, all prizes are subject to tax withholding. To receive payment, the required documentation must be sent to the AAIICC to process the payment.

The winner will be announced and the award given at the Festival’s Closing Gala.

Please, remember:

Participation in the FIDEWÀ implies the understanding and acceptance of these regulations. In the case of an unexpected event, the organization will have the power to decide according to their criteria.

The organization reserves the right to refuse the participation of those projects that do not meet the requirements set forth in this document.